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Vimto - The Case Of the Missing Birthday Cake
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Vimto is a family drink which will be 100 years young in 2008!

A Vimto birthday party has been organised at the factory and a special Vimto birthday cake has been made using all the original ingredients (including the Vimto secret formula).

Unfortunately someone has eaten the delicious Vimto birthday cake before the party. Play detective to find out who ate the cake, with which Vimto drink and in which room.

The classic Whodunit detective game for 3-6 players - specially designed for ages 8+.

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1 Gameboard, 6 Character Tokens, 6 Vimto Drink Tokens, 12 Plastic Stands, 6 Suspect Cards, 6 Vimto Drink Cards, 9 Room Cards, 1 Detective Notepad, Case File Envelope, I Instruction Booklet and 1 Purple Dice.

Not suitable for children under 3 years because of small parts – choking hazard.

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